Craft Beer Courses

In Beermänner we have given ourselves the task of offering the beer market a set of workshops and courses developed with an attractive and useful pedagogical sense, both for the neophyte brewer, as for the experienced, open-minded and flexible. Our courses and workshops are divided into three levels ranging from the most basic learning and understanding, to the most complex.


In this theoretical-practical course, we will take you by hand to learn about the history of beer, the raw material, the production process, and the classification of the most common styles of beer.


In this theoretical-practical course, you will enter into the most important calculations for the elaboration of a craft beer, which involve water, alcohol and bitterness. In addition, you will be responsible for preparing a craft beer recipe, from grinding to the transfer of the must to the fermenter, under the supervision of the Beermänner team. Finally, you will learn to recognize the five most common mistakes in a beer, with the help of a professional taster.


This course is aimed at people who have had the experience of making a craft beer from start to finish. Well, the participants will have to elaborate an individualized beer from the materials provided for that day. This includes performing the relevant calculations for brewing. In the same way, attendees will learn to recognize a set of errors that only experienced brewers can identify with a beer.




NOTE: At least one chemical engineer and one experienced experimenter participate in all courses.